Auctions - held for Heelbo Braford cattle

These following dates have been named for the aution of the Heelbo braford cattle:

Auction Date Venue Time Cattle Brochure
13 August Heelbo, Rosendal 11:00 Stud Bulls  
15 August Heelbo, Rosendal 11:00 3 Year old Stud Braford Bulls OPEN (JPG, 138kb)
13 April Heelbo, Rosendal 11:00 Heelbo SA Braford Females OPEN (JPG, 445kb)
12 August Rosendal 12:00 16 Stud Bulls
OPEN (PDF, 880kb)
12 August Rosendal 12:00 20 Pregnant Heifers OPEN (PDF, 60kb)

See also the Rules for the Auction - click here


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